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Pint doesn't integrate with PHPStorm because it's not a PHP CS Fixer configuration but a "beautiful, dependency-free" wrapper with additional sugar.


Larastan managed to do it, why couldn't pint?

(The only reason I'm somewhat comfortable posting this here but not on the Birdsite is that that I hope I will not feel the wrath of the community(tm) here 😬)

I love playing modded and have been with a friend for years now. I've never been good at building and I always liked following the tech-progression.

But in the latest iteration (FTB Plexiglass Mountain) I've been copying starter houses, barns, super smelters and resource farms vanilla style without a single piece of modded tech, and I love it ☺️

This post about the "Anatomy of a dope PHP package repository" by @raphaelstolt@twitter.con has aged very well!


New Post: "Mental Health Days" - My thoughts on why you should take them.


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With my huge hearing loss, I've noticed something.

Really often, when I don't hear and ask people to repeat, they'll tell me stuff like "oh no, that wasn't important" instead of just saying it once again. They may even be mad at me.

It makes me feel really excluded, so I don't dare asking them to repeat anything anymore. I act like I hear most of what they say, smile when they do and that's it...

Please, don't be mean. We're not trying to bother you, we just want to understand what you say.

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As a PHP developer,

I don't just want to write clear and understandable code, but also pull in a couple of extra libraries in the likes of the framework I'm using,

so that I can basically learn a new language, call it "beautiful" and post screenshots of it.

Introduce a breaking change in a feature release of your library and you'll know which companies are using it without funding you

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I signed up for Medium earlier this year, expecting to have access to more quality content.

But oh my is this site filled with paywalled junk, the app leaves much to be desired, and I will certainly not renew the subscription.

Get yourself your own website, folks.

Here is what I use to kickstart a new PHP project in just a few seconds:


No forks or subsequent changes are necessary, and you have a fully configured project with @phpstan,
and , ready to go. Oh, and did I mention the preconfigured GitHub Actions workflow? 🚀

A story about the decline and revival of my interest for the Internet, thanks to @axbom and @m_ott@twitter.com


Just watched "Ready Player One" and was very entertained. I've read mixed reviews by people who read the book(s?) and people who haven't - I haven't, but I also liked the Harry Potter movies although I had read the books, so there's that ^^

I have a pretty popular OSS project that's used by I don't know how many companies to make money, but, disappointingly, just a few individuals that sponsor me on GitHub. I'm grateful to them and use half of the money to sponsor other OSS maintainers. The rest I saved up and finally got something for myself: an annual subscription of the @phparch magazine, and I couldn't be happier 🥰

I like great communities as much as the next dev - but when so many of them are patting themselves on the back for being so great, it quickly gets exhausting.

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In case you have to use arrays instead of value objects, here's a reminder about the symmetric array destructuring feature.

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The Internet was supposed to free us from gatekeepers, the so-called "tastemakers" who judged what was worth seeing and hearing.

Instead, the gatekeepers have become algorithms, and thus something as human as taste has now become automated.

It's kind of tragic.

But one big reason I prefer the Fediverse over Twitter, for example, is that there is no algorithmic gatekeeping.

So maybe the dream is still alive.

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